HoLLLAAsssss!!! Friends and Fam!
Serving in Alcalde Diaz. Lots of Lomas. Hooray! I haven´t gained too much weight. 5-8 LBS max. 
We live in a lil ¨cuchitril¨ adjacent to the Relief Societ President´s house. Everyone is supperrrr amable.
Everyone knows we´re missionaries and they´re extremely welcoming. 
MI casa, Su Casa!
I had a glitch with my compa this past week, but all is well now. Just need to learn to LOVE
Panama has many
1. Dogs
2. Chickens
3. Rice
The Panaminian sisters feed us. Copious amounts. 95  percent of the time I tell them I eat less! Haha!
Haha! I´m a drill sergeant to my companion and I´´m very ¨disciplined¨ with my nutrition.
Not Remotely




Para que pone en mi blog!
Loving Panama!
Hot and Humid!
My hair has never looked better!!! 
Haha! No sarcasm there! Utah is dry as toast!
Never have I seenÑ
1. Asians speaking Spanish
2. Rice for all meals of the day. And dessert!
3. Such disregard for driving signs or rules …(I liied colombia has ¨poncheros or too cool for rules kids too)
New Mail Addy!!!!!!
Mision Panama
Carrasquilla, Entrega General
AP 0834, Panama
Republica de Panama
Bring on the care packages!!!!! Woot woot!

Hola!! Para qu…