A Short Story

I like the little smirk I have on my face here…mwhahahaha!!!

No more jesting at my less than graceful Spanish! Yes I’m looking at you familia!!!



I do enjoy and will miss my Spanglish words…. burrito, taco…oh wait…

It’s late, my funnies aren’t so funny. 😀


I was anticipating my mission the call everyday the week prior to receiving it.

Just when I least expect it…BAM!

My parents slam door upon arriving and yell, “You’re mission call arrived!”

Sweet Juniper!

I barely miss a hospital trip and fumble my way down the stairs.

I regain my composure and as I begin to open mouth to get the 411 my mom nonchalantly states, “We know where you are going”

Cue jaw drop.


The nerve of that little Colombian woman!

“How could you do this to me? Where do you get the nerve….” Dramatically and energetically I go off on her.

In the most Christian way possible, of course!

She serves me a bewildered look.

*Uber Heavy Sigh*

I digress.

I then make the excruciatingly painful decision to wait a couple hours to open the call with some amigos.

Bring on the heat Panama!

Bring it on!


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